General Surgeon in Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital

Welcome to our website, your reliable source for essential healthcare information. We are pleased to present the contact details of Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, where you can find highly skilled General Surgeons.

By reaching out to the hospital directly, you can schedule an appointment or seek further information about the services offered by the General Surgeons. We hope that this information helps you find the specialized care you need for your surgical concerns at Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital.

Contact Details of Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital:

List of General Surgeons in Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital:

Prof. Dr. Sarder A. Nayeem, General Surgery

Prof. Dr. Sarder A. Nayeem
Chief Consultant & Chairman
MBBS (DMC), Ph.D. (Tokyo), FACS (USA)
Specialist Laparoscopic Surgery
General Surgery
Hotline: +02 22-3364028
Dr. Amreen Faruq, General Surgery

Dr. Amreen Faruq
Associate Professor
MBBS, MS (General Surgery), FACS (USA)
Breast, Colorectal, General, and Laparoscopic Surgery
Hotline: +02 22-3364028
Dr. Md. Mahbub Elahi, General Surgery

Dr. Md. Mahbub Elahi
General & Laparoscopic Surgeon
MBBS, FCPS (Surgery)
General Surgery 
Hotline: +02 22-3364028
Dr. Sarder Rizwan Nayeem, General Surgery

Dr. Sarder Rizwan Nayeem
MBBS, FCPS (Surgery)
General and Laparoscopic Surgery
Hotline: +02 22-3364028
Dr. Sadia Siddiky, General Surgery

Dr. Sadia Siddiky
General & Breast Surgeon
MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), MRCS (Edin)
General and Breast Surgery
Hotline: +02 22-3364028

Final Words

In conclusion, Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital in Dhaka stands as a reputable medical institution offering exceptional care through its team of highly skilled General Surgeons. As a website providing contact details, we are proud to feature this esteemed hospital.

For individuals seeking reliable and specialized surgical care in Dhaka, Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital is a good choice. By utilizing the provided contact details, patients can easily connect with the hospital and access the expertise of these skilled General Surgeons.

As a website focused on facilitating healthcare accessibility, our goal is to assist users in finding the most suitable medical services. By featuring Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital’s contact details for their exceptional General Surgeons, we aim to connect individuals with the specialized care they require, promoting improved health and well-being.

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