Medicine Doctors in Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital

Welcome to our website, a reliable source for essential healthcare information. We are delighted to present the contact details of Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, where you can find highly skilled Medicine Doctors.

Medicine Doctors, also known as Internal Medicine Specialists, are medical professionals who specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and non-surgical treatment of various medical conditions. At Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, you will find a team of expert Medicine Doctors dedicated to providing comprehensive care.

Contact Details of Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital:

List of Medicine Doctors in Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital:

Dr. Mohammad Babul Miah, Internal Medicine

Dr. Mohammad Babul Miah
Associate Professor
MBBS, MRCP (UK), CCD (Diabetology)
Medicine, Cardiac and Diabetic
Hotline: +02 22-3364028
Dr. Rahatun Nayeem (Maglin), Medicine

Dr. Rahatun Nayeem (Maglin)
MBBS, FCPS (Medicine) BSC (Health), CCD (BIRDEM)
Hotline: +02 22-3364028
Dr. Khandaker Hamidul Haque, Internal Medicine

Dr. Khandaker Hamidul Haque
General Physician
Internal Medicine
Hotline: +02 22-3364028
Prof. Dr. Md. Jonaid Shafiq, Pain Medicine

Prof. Dr. Md. Jonaid Shafiq
Chief Consultant, Pain Medicine, and Managing Director
MBBS (DMC), PhD (Anaesthesiology, Japan)
Pain Medicine
Hotline: +02 22-3364028

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In conclusion, Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital in Dhaka is dedicated to providing exceptional medical care through its team of skilled Medicine Doctors. As a website offering contact details, we are proud to feature this hospital.

As a website focused on healthcare accessibility, our goal is to assist users in finding the most suitable medical services. By featuring Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital’s contact details for their exceptional Medicine Doctors, we aim to connect individuals with the specialized care they require, promoting improved health and well-being.

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