Neonatologist in Square Hospital Ltd, Panthapath

This article showcases the expertise of the regarded Neonatologists practicing at Square Hospital Ltd, Panthapath. These specialized healthcare professionals are committed to providing exceptional medical care to newborns and infants.

Also, we will provide essential contact details, including the hospital’s hotline number, website, and Google Maps location, ensuring convenient access for individuals seeking their expertise.

Contact Details of Square Hospital Ltd:

List of Neonatologists in Square Hospital Ltd:

Dr. Aftab Yousuf Raj, Neonatology

Dr. Aftab Yusuf Raj
Senior Consultant
MBBS, MD, Fellow
Hotline: 10616
Dr. Lutfun Nahar Begum, Neonatology

Dr. Lutfun Nahar Befum
Senior Consultant
Square Hospital Ltd.
MBBS, MD, Clinical Fellow
Hotline: 10616
Dr. Fatema Salam, Neonatology

Dr. Fatema Salam
Associate Consultant
Hotline: 10616

Final Words

In conclusion, Square Hospital Ltd, Panthapath has a team of excellent Neonatologists who provide top-quality care for newborns and infants. To make it easy for people to reach out, Square Hospital Ltd offers various ways to contact the Neonatology department.

You can call their hotline at 10616 to get in touch with them directly. Additionally, the hospital’s website has useful information about Neonatologists and their services.

By using these contact options, you can easily connect with the skilled Neonatologists at Square Hospital Ltd, Panthapath.

Square Hospital’s other doctors:

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