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Contact Details of Al-Manar Hospital Ltd

List of Radiology and Imaging Specialist Doctors in Al-Manar Hospital Ltd

Dr. Afsana Negar, Radiology & Imaging

Dr. Afsana Negar
Consultant (Sonologist)
Radiology & Imaging
Hotline: 0258150197
Dr. China Kusum, Radiology & Imaging

Dr. China Kusum
Consultant (Sonologist)
MBBS, DMUD, MPH, PGT (Radiology & Imaging)
Radiology & Imaging
Hotline: 0258150197
Prof. Dr. Habiba Akhter Chowdhury, Radiology & Imaging

Prof. Dr. Habiba Akhter Chowdhury
Professor & Head of the Dept.
Radiology & Imaging
Hotline: 0258150197

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