Skin and VD Specialist in Al-Manar Hospital Ltd

Discover the convenience of accessing contact details for Skin and VD Specialists at Al-Manar Hospital Ltd through our website. We understand the significance of easily connecting with specialized healthcare professionals in the field of skin and venereal diseases.

Our platform offers comprehensive contact information to help you schedule appointments and communicate with our esteemed specialists. Count on us to assist you in finding the ideal experts to address your specific needs.

Contact Details of Al-Manar Hospital Ltd

List of Skin and VD Specialist Doctors in Al-Manar Hospital Ltd

Dr. Md. Aminul Islam, Skin & VD

Dr. Md. Aminul Islam
Associate Professor 
MBBS, FCPS (Skin & VD), MCPS (Skin & VD), CCD (Diabetics)
Skin & VD
Hotline: 0258150197
Dr. Md. Shahinur Rahman, Skin & VD

Dr. Md. Shahinur Rahman
Former Asst. professor 
Skin & VD
Hotline: 0258150197
Prof. Dr. Riaz Uddin Ahmad, Skin & VD

Prof. Dr. Riaz Uddin Ahmad
Professor (RTD)
Skin & VD
Hotline: 0258150197
Dr. Lina Malek
Skin DDV Allergy & Cosmetic Surgery
Hotline: 0258150197

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In summary, our website is your one-stop destination for accessing the contact details of Skin and VD Specialists at Al-Manar Hospital Ltd. We recognize the significance of connecting with healthcare professionals who specialize in skin and venereal disease concerns.

Through our platform, you can conveniently find comprehensive contact information, enabling you to schedule appointments and engage in effective communication with our esteemed specialists. Count on us to facilitate your journey toward receiving the specialized care you deserve. Your path to healthier skin starts here.

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