United Hospital ICU Doctor’s List


Choosing a specialist is one of the most important decisions for your health. If you are looking in your area of GULSHAN for United Hospital ICU, you will want a list that will give you only the best ICU of United Hospital . Although United Hospital is a hospital with the best and most skilled doctors in various departments, you do not want to get lost in them all. So here is the  United Hospital ICU doctors list, which helps you to hold the hand of a skilled doctor.

United Hospital ICU Doctor’s List/Contact Numbers

Nowadays you want to get everything online, even for medical advice you feel comfortable contacting online doctors. If you are someone who wants to get a list of doctors in your area sitting at home, the list is here for you United Hospital ICU contact numbers which provides a detailed contact list.

Doctor Specialty Designation Degree
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Omar Faruq ICU Chief Consultant MBBS, FCPS, MD
Dr. Amina Sultana ICU Associate Consultant MBBS, MD,
Dr. Umme Kulsum City ICU Junior Consultant MBBS, MD, BCS
Dr. Tamanna Yasmin Shena ICU Specialist MBBS, MRCP, MD
Dr. Mohammad Salahuddin ICU Specialist MBBS, MD,
Dr. Susmita Hossain Natasha ICU Intensivist MBBS, MD, FCPS
Dr. Tasmia Kashfi ICU Intensivist MBBS, MD,
Dr. Md Gisan Hossain ICU Intensivist MBBS, MD,
Dr. Mir Atiqur Rahman ICU Intensivist MBBS, ,
Dr. S.M Razibul Hasan ICU Intensivist MBBS, DA,
Dr. Md. Rashedul Haque ICU Intensivist MBBS, DA,
Dr. Md. Saifuddin Sujon ICU Intensivist MBBS, DA,
Dr. Syed Mahfuzur Rahman ICU Intensivist MBBS, DA,
Dr. Mehnaz Ferdous ICU Intensivist MBBS, MD,
Dr. Syed Tamzidur Rahman ICU Intensivist MBBS, DA,
Dr. Nazmul Hassan ICU Intensivist MBBS, DA,



Final Words

Here we have tried the best United Hospital ICU doctor list, who are skilled, professionals, and experienced in their profession. We make sure to include a list of doctors who are proven to be the best for you. Here is a list of ICU only so that you can view a list more easily and systematically.

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